Buddha Teas CBD Matcha Green Tea

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Our CBD Matcha Green Tea is the most elegant and refined green tea you’ll ever taste. Truly nourishing to your body and mind, this blend promotes calmness while giving you that boost to get through your day. Well known for its ability to fight free radicals, green tea is an anti-aging, collagen and elastin boosting beast. Green Teas are even used in skin care serums, lotions, and sunscreens. While we are 100% on board with everything green tea, we say to fight aging from the inside out by drinking these miracle plants. This is the reason why we’ve paired specifically Sencha Green Tea with Matcha Green Tea and CBD. It fights the free radicals we encounter everyday while energizing our bodies and still maintaining our sense of calm, also promoting healing and reducing those stressors that cause aging. Let’s learn more about why Matcha is a great teammate for our highly regarded Sencha and CBD…

What is Matcha?

The process of producing matcha dates back all the way to China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907), when the leaves were steamed prior to being molded into bricks for use in trade and storage. From these bricks, the tea leaves were roasted and ground into a fine powder. By the early 1100s, thanks to Buddhist monk Eisai, Zen monasteries were enjoying matcha for ceremonial and health benefits. Practitioners also drank matcha to stay awake during long meditations. Matcha has so many benefits but probably the highlight is its ability to provide an energized focus, which it why it was used during meditation ceremonies. Matcha contains the powerful amino acid L-theanine. This amino acid is the sole reason you can be mentally stimulated without any jitters. Essentially, matcha makes your brain function on a higher level and your body calm enough to pay attention to it. L-theanine also contributes to your body’s ability to produce its own GABA, a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine (the one that makes us feel excited and euphoric), which is often taken when wishing to reduce restlessness and nervousness. This ancient wonder is rapidly gathering support from the public as a drink contributing to the maintenance of healthy cells in all areas of the body and mind.

Something Special

Our green tea and Matcha come from Kagoshima, Japan where there currently is an active volcano. The ash from this volcano acts as a growth agent and a cleanser to the leaves. It’s hands down the best place on the planet to source green tea and Matcha.

Water Soluble CBD vs Oil Based CBD

When choosing a tea to drink that includes CBD, we have taken chemistry into consideration. Naturally, you don’t want the exquisite experience of enjoying a cup of Buddha Teas turned into a science project, but here’s the deal: not all CBD-infused teas are the same. CBD oil-based teas can’t extract in hot water, so we found another solution by using nanosized particles of water-soluble CBD. Our innovative process ensures that the CBD in our tea bags ends up in your cup of tea. With our water-soluble, bioavailable CBD you can feel confident that the CBD extracts into the hot tea, which allows your body full delivery, providing it with the most benefits possible.


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