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Zen Master HHC Chocolates


These HHC Chocolates are going to steal the show with 20mg of HHC in them and premium chocolatey flavor. While not nano, these still pack a punch and allow more experienced users to get right to a dose that they’d like to have with HHC. This comes in a professional Calyx Container with a rubber seal on the top for long-term storage and child-resistant mechanisms in the 40 count. This is for more experienced users and will definitely provide a psychoactive experience, we recommend trying 1/2 a chocolate first until you’re used to it and know your tolerance levels.

Our current sizes are:

  • 6 count Calyx Container (20mg HHC per serving – 120mg per container)
  • 14 count Calyx Container (20mg HHC per serving – 2800mg per container)
  • 40 count Calyx Container (20mg HHC per serving – 800mg per container)
  • 100 count counter jar (20mg HHC per serving – 2000mg per jar)
THC Content



6ct, 14ct, 50ct


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