Hometown Hero Delta 8 Roll-On

$54.99 or $49.49 / month

When it first touches your skin, you’ll be greeted by the cool, soothing radiance of menthol. Then after the blissful tingle settles comes the gentle caress of Delta 8 Roll-On. We formulated this hemp topical for a soothing experience from start to finish. It’s soft and lightly creamy, without any greasy or sticky residue. Our Delta-8 Roll-On lets you deliver hemp-derived relief to exactly where you need it. Small and discreet in appearance, it can be easily stowed for ease on the go.

The effects of this product fall far more on the physical end of the spectrum versus promoting feelings such as mild euphoria. But always keep in mind that the effects of Delta-8 will vary. The endocannabinoid system regulates various functions with receptors through the human body. And some of these receptors are in your skin cells. When taken topically with this Delta-8 Roll-On, the Delta-8 THC has the potential to bind to these receptors.


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