Rise To Rest Bundle Box

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  • Contains CBGo, CBD Water Soluble, and CBNight Water Soluble
  • Cannabinoids for Morning, Noon, and Night
  • Over 1000mg Total Cannabinoids

Rise To Rest Bundle Box

MADE IN USA: The Rise To Rest box has the following products: 30ml CBnight, 30ml CBGo, 30ml CBD.

CBGo Water Soluble

This is American Shaman’s new revolutionary blend of cannabinoids that focuses on more energy, alertness and focus. We are paving the way in minor cannabinoid research and combining this research with our proprietary nanotechnology to deliver innovative new cannabinoid products. Sometimes, when consumers use other products for energy like energy drinks or coffee, they experience jitters, sweat and all kinds of other side effects.

With CBGo Water Soluble CBG Oil, you’re harnessing the power of the hemp plant’s natural CBG cannabinoid to give you a quick boost in energy and focus. You also get a 5mg serving of nano-CBD in each dropper of CBGo. In addition to all of that, we have researched three specific terpenes that have properties that also contribute to alertness, energy and focus. We are confident that after you try CBGo, you will feel the effects in your body in a very short amount of time and have the focus and energy you need for the day. This product is the next step in revolutionizing the CBD industry with isolated cannabinoid research and nanotechnology.

CBD Water Soluble

Our water soluble CBD is made using nanotechnology, which makes the CBD particles smaller for easier absorption and better bioavailability. This smaller particle size allows the oil to dissolve in water and to enter the body quicker, allowing the effects of CBD to occur much quicker than non-water soluble CBD. Our water soluble CBD uses our proprietary process to bring you the highest quality nano CBD oil for the best price.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD? CBD is known for its wide variety of supporting effects, including relief from occasional stress, relaxation, and more, which is why we focus on bringing the benefits of CBD to you.

Water soluble CBD also allows the user to customize their intake by giving the user full control over the measurements and allowing for compatibility with a variety of consumption preferences. Water soluble oil can increase consumer convenience as the CBD can easily be added to any drink without needing prior knowledge on how to best use the product.

CBNight Water Soluble

A new revolutionary blend of cannabinoids that focuses purely on one thing and one thing only, better sleep. Our proprietary blend of cannabinoids is taking a step forward by utilizing minor cannabinoids from a hemp extract to bring a new formula to the marketplace. When people take the usual products they get side effects like grogginess, unusual dreams, dry mouth, dizziness and many more.

With CBNight Water Soluble CBN Oil, you will not experience these issues as you’re using cannabinoids and terpenes to softly encourage exactly what you’ve been looking for, better sleep. This product is the first of its kind and we’re excited to let the public buy CBN online after months of testing.


THC Content

0.3% THC


CBGo Water Soluble, CBD Water Soluble, CBNight Water Soluble


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